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Neonate-Radial+Ulnar Arteried
Veins in ACF – Pediatric
Pic#6-Pediatirc-Veins in Ankle--Edited #3--4-24-13
Veins in Adult Thumb
Veins in Adult Hand
Pic#9-Radial + Ulnar Artery- Adult Wrist (Female)--Edited--4-23-13
Pic#10--Cold Hand-Adult-edited--4-22-13
Pic#11--Warm  Hand-Adult-edited-4-22-13
Radial & Ulnar Arteries – Adult Male
Veins in Forearm
Neonate Foot--Edited

Radial & Ulnar Artery – Adult Male

Radial & Ulnar Artery – Neonate

Veins in ACF – Pediatric

Veins in Ankle - Pediatric

Veins in Thumb - Adult

Veins in Hand - Adult

Radial & Ulnar Artery – Adult Female

Veins in Cold Hand – Adult

Veins in Warm Hand - Adult

Radial & Ulnar Arteries – Adult Male

Veins in Forearm – Neonate

Veins in Ankle - Neonate

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The VascularViewer® IS YOUR KEY

The VascularViewer’s clear, detailed imaging allows doctors and nurses to more accurately and efficiently insert needles and catheters during peripheral vascular access procedures.

The VascularViewer:

  • Reduces the number of attempts needed for a successful ‘stick’ by 50%
  • Reduces patient pain and improves patient care
  • Increases clinician operating efficiency
  • Reduces hospital labor and material costs
  • Reduces the number of expensive alternative procedures needed when peripheral access fails
  • Reduces the incidence of hospital acquired infections
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