Clinician Reactions:

  • PICU, Go To IV Nurse: In a 16 month-old leukemia patient, five out of five vessels were accessed that could not be seen or palpated without the VascularViewer™. The vessels were estimated to be no more than one mm in diameter.
  • Cardiac Cath Lab, Children’s Hospital, Department Chairman: “I will use it in all my cath procedures.”

Just as in neonates, accessing the small veins and arteries of the pediatric population presents a significant challenge for clinicians. When drawing blood or inserting lines in children, a clinician’s top priority is to make the procedure as painless and quick as possible.

The VascularViewer™ provides superior vascular imaging of both veins and arteries in children from the ends of the fingers to above the elbow, and in the feet to the calf and knee.

Veins in arm/elbow

Veins in ACF – Pediatric

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