Clinician Reactions:

  • IV Team Leader: “The VascularViewer can dramatically cut down on the number of ‘difficult stick’ patients requiring an hour or more for an IV placement. Other things can be done with the time saved.”
  • Anesthesiologist: “I have used it for over 100 arterial sticks. The radial artery is clearly visible.”


The VascularViewer images veins and arteries in adults from the fingers through the lower forearm. It is used to assist in placement of adult Peripheral Intravenous lines (PIVs) in the lower forearm and hand, and for ABGs, A-lines and cardiac catheterization procedures done at the radial artery in the wrist.

Veins in Wrist – Adult Male

Veins in Hand – Adult

Radial & Ulnar Artery – Adult Female

Effect of Temperature on Vessels (Vasoconstriction in an Adult Hand)

The images below indicate the dramatic effects local anatomic temperatures can have on vasoconstriction / vasodilation. These effects should be considered particularly with patients that present difficult IV access.

Cold Hand

Warm Hand

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