INRIS Finalizes Disposable Light Source Design

MARYSVILLE, Ohio, September 28, 2012

Medical device developer InfraRed Imaging Systems, Inc. (INRIS) has competed the redesign of the light source for the VascularViewer®, its imaging aid for improving vascular access.
INRIS’ VascularViewer uses near infrared (nIR) light to visualize both veins and more deeply-located arteries so that clinicians do not have to rely solely on eyesight and palpation to access a patient’s vasculature. Visualization of vessels with the VascularViewer is simple, fast and non-invasive.

The new disposable light source contains a nIR diode that produces the light needed for trans-illumination of vessels, which is essential to the clear imaging provided by the VascularViewer. The light source attaches to the patient with a gentle hydrogel adhesive to provide for hands free use during the access procedure and is easily removed once the procedure is complete.
“The single-use disposable light source was the preferred design by clinicians in our product testing since it helps prevent the spread of disease between patients,” says INRIS President Dale Siegel.
In the clinical setting failure to access a patient’s peripheral vasculature can necessitate more complex procedures resulting in a higher risk of infection for the patient.
“Hospital-acquired infections can cost a hospital in excess of $1 million per year,” says INRIS CEO James Sharpe. “The VascularViewer, with its single-use disposable light source, increases the success rate for peripheral access and helps reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections, potentially saving a hospital $100,000 or more annually.”
The completion of the development of the single-use light source is another important step in the VascularViewer’s road to market.
About InfraRed Imaging Systems, Inc.

InfraRed Imaging Systems, Inc. (INRIS) is a privately held medical device developer and manufacturer based in Marysville, Ohio. The company’s VascularViewer® uses near infrared light (nIR) to image peripheral arteries and veins in detail and in real time, enabling doctors and nurses to more accurately and efficiently insert needles and catheters. The VascularViewer reduces patient pain, improves patient care, increases operating efficiency and reduces hospital costs. INRIS is committed to expanding the company’s core near infrared imaging technology to new applications in vascular imaging. Visit for more information.

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