Various Additional Shots With the VascularViewer™

Below is a series of additional images of the VascularViewer™ in action!

The imaging of arteries is important for several reasons:

1. The clinician does not want to “stick” an artery when they’re trying to insert an IV

2. Arterial access is important in the Emergency Room and the OR to assess cardiopulmonary function with an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) analysis

3. Arterial access at the radial (as opposed to at the femoral artery in the groin) is being performed increasingly for various vascular and cardiovascular procedures because of safety and cost.

Those vessels not identified as arteries in all the images are veins.

Adult Male Wrist

Adult Male Wrist – Illustrated

Radial – Illustrated

Radial Artery
10448 MKS radial - artery

Frontal Hand/Fist
90441 DS hand

Infant Arm
ACF Infant_1

Adult Male Wrist Arteries
First Adult male wrist - arteries v2

Frontal Hand

Lower Forearm
Lower Forearm_2 v1