INRIS’ management team is highly experienced in the medical device and diagnostics industries, including specific and deep expertise in the vascular access field.

The Team

Dale Siegel, Ph.D. — President (and Founder) — Dr. Siegel has spent his entire career in the biomedical industry where he held various research management roles at Hoffmann-LaRoche and a business development role at Praxis Biologics (now Lederle-Praxis). While at Praxis he worked directly with the CEO in the sale of the company to Lederle Laboratories. Subsequent to Praxis, he worked as a consulting research analyst and then in an investment banking role working with emerging biomedical companies. In 1995 he joined a statewide economic development organization in Ohio where he was instrumental in starting five companies, three of which remain in business today. Mr. Siegel obtained his bachelor’s degree at Bucknell University and his Ph.D. in molecular biology at Temple University Medical School.

Robert L. Crane, Ph.D. — Chief Scientific Officer — Dr. Crane is retired from the U.S. Air Force, where he was a Fellow of the Air Force Institute of Technology. He is the lead inventor of INRIS’ infrared imaging technology, and the principal inventor on the fundamental Crane, et al. patent for use of nIR for imaging of subcutaneous structures. His specialties include ceramic engineering, materials science, optics and physics. He is an Adjunct Professor at The Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright State University, University of Dayton and University of California at Los Angeles. Dr. Crane was a member of NASA’s Columbia Space Shuttle Accident Investigation Board and is credited with a major contribution to solving the adhesion problem for heat deflecting tiles in the space shuttle program. He has also made important contributions to USAF stealth technology, and to non-invasive testing methods for assessing molecular bonding as a means of confirming air frame integrity. He is the inventor of five commercially viable technologies currently in worldwide use. He received his BS and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

Michael D. Schlesinger — Vice President, Finance and Administration — Mr. Schlesinger has over 20 years’ experience in the investment banking business, primarily with Shearson Lehman, Paine Webber and Dean Witter where he specialized in public and private offerings, corporate strategic advisory services and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to being an early investor in INRIS, he has co-founded a venture capital fund and a financial services firm and has raised capital for and invested in several venture stage companies. In the course of his career he has worked with healthcare companies in the areas of medical devices, specialized healthcare services and generic pharmaceuticals. Mr. Schlesinger holds an AB from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Steve Mersch — Vice President, Engineering and Product Development — Mr. Mersch is the Founder of Point Source, Inc., which designs, develops and manufactures optical and electronic imaging systems and instrumentation for the medical field. Point Source customers include Becton-Dickinson, Johnson & Johnson, Beckman Coulter and Proctor & Gamble. Prior to Point Source, he was a Senior Scientist at Ethicon Endo-Surgery (a Johnson & Johnson Company) where he was a project leader in the development of surgical tools used in minimally invasive surgery. Prior to Ethicon, Mr. Mersch was a research physicist at Becton Dickinson where he worked in new product development in the diagnostics business. His successfully completed development projects included products for automated blood analysis and bacteria sensing devices. Mr. Mersch has 30 issued patents. He holds a MS in Biophysics from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.