Clinician Reactions

Experiences at different NICUs:

  • Visualized multiple small veins in the hands and feet of a 16 week old neonate
  • The basilic vein and brachial artery at the ACF were clearly visible
  • Respiratory therapists saw arteries pulsing
  • PICC nurse at a major children’s teaching hospital “loves it” for placing PICCs


Vascular access is problematic for virtually all patient classes, but particularly for neonates with their extremely small and fragile veins and arteries. In neonatal patients, the VascularViewer™ provides superior imaging of both veins and arteries from the ends of the fingers to above the elbow, and in the foot through the knee. It has been used on neonates to successfully image vessels for PIVs, PICCs and arterial access.

The VascularViewer’s™ Disposable Light Source (DLS) uses a gentle adhesive that is suitable for use with the delicate skin of neonates. It is available in sterile and non-sterile versions, with the sterile version especially suitable for use in PICC placement and cardiac cath procedures.

Radial and Ulnar Arteries – 1.4 lbs. Infant

Radial and Ulnar Arteries – 8.8 lbs. Infant

Veins in Forearm

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